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Le Designer Clandestin is a woodworking studio based in Sweden. The studio designs and crafts “commissioned-only” luxury furniture and wood boxes. Teaming up with woodworkers, glassblowers and graphic designers, I create pieces that will live for generations. My credo is that true elegance is not about big brands, short-lived emotions and conformism. Luxury is an experience. Enjoying moments and timeless pieces that will carry your story and that are truly yours.  

"As you think, so shall you become". 

The studio is run by Guillaume Foliot Leprince. Guillaume was born in Morocco and raised in France; where he gained a Master in International Law. 

His family roots are in Normandy and Alsace; with long traditions as army officers and wood-workers. Guillaume is a descendant of Nicolas-Quinibert Foliot a Master wood-worker and official supplier of the King in Versailles in the 18th century.      

Following a short time in the French army in the mid 1990's, Guillaume Foliot Leprince joined the United Nations and started a first career in some of the world “hottest spots”. After twenty years deployed in crisis situations, from Sarajevo to Baghdad – via Burma or Sri Lanka, Guillaume decided to reconnect with family traditions of exclusive craft.

In 2016, Guillaume left the United Nations and moved to Sweden to train as a wood worker. This is where, one year later, he founded Designer Clandestin. Sweden is the perfect place to blend talents and work on modern creations: a country with a long and solid tradition of wood working, glass blowing and creative designs.


With his team, Guillaume Foliot Leprince is now dedicating his energy to a lifelong passion: clever and elegant wood work.

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