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Be the master of your journey 


A journey of design and exclusive craft

You do not simply order a furniture or a box from Designer Clandestin, we design it together. We will work with your piece as you would interact with artisans "down the road"; wherever you are in the world. 

Based on our dialogue and your choices, we propose you the almost endless possibilities of a complex, luxurious and fully customized piece. With us, you create an object that last generations, we make it fully yours.  Every creation is unique, designed with you and made by us. You can follow (with your friends) the journal of its “making-of” on a dedicated social media account. Have a look at the pictures below to discover this unique experience

Or simply reach out, we will arrange a "virtual coffee chat", feel free to:

kol skissa
gold walnut2.jpg

We design it together 

We believe we really own a piece when it has a story.  The story of the people who design it and then craft it. Together, over video calls, we will design your own creation. We will go through the art of customization and visualise it through 3D rendering before making it.

Carpenter Cutting Wood

European crafting excellence

Follow the crafting in real time

In order to enable you to follow the making of your piece in Sweden, we will create an Instagram account. We can make this account private for you and your friends. There, we will post photos of your piece evolving in the workshops. You will see the team at work and you will get explanations on what we do. You are free to comment, like and share! You can also let us know if you want to know more  details or anything to be changed. The team is there for you. 

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