You can choose the wood (one or some combination) and your piece finish (glossy or mat). This will be discussed and decided during our video calls.


A dark, handsome and classy. It usually offers very nice patterns.  


Merbau is a popular hardwood from South East Asia used in a wide range of applications; from construction to furniture. Merbau is attractive can be applied to more specialised work, such as cabinet making, musical instruments, boat building, carving and tool handles.


A reddish warm colored deep wood. It exhibits some of the most beautiful colors and grain patterns of the European woods. It looks remarkable.


A tropical and dark hardwood. It is relatively plain in terms of pattern. Teak is often used in marine wood working. We buy our teak from suppliers offering certification of sustainably grown and harvested teak products.


A relatively clear wood. Very resistant, it was used for bow making. It can offer interesting pattern.


A splendid and versatile wood. The woodworker classic, used for all types of furniture, cognac and wine barrels or even musical instruments.


A medium colored, very strong wood with regular patterns. Extensively used in the past for making bows or carriages and other uses demanding high strength and resilience. Ash was used by aviation pioneers to shape the structure of the first planes. Also used for musical instruments, like drums or electric guitars.


Also known as  “red” beech to describe the light red colouring of the wood. It is widely used in Europe for carpentry, cabinet making and even musical instrument making (mainly pianos).


A very clear and plain wood. The Scandinavian classic.


Maple is a creamy white hardwood that sometimes has a reddish colour.

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